welcome to the anyone can read PROGRAMME


the anguish

Dyslexia is a cruel beast.  It destroys self esteem and the confidence to participate in a normal life.  At the heart of the issue is reading failure.

the programmeS

By removing the blockages in the process, these programmes focus solely around the mechanics of reading.  As other teaching methods continue to fail, these programmes quickly yield success.

the founder

Noel McArthur is a former School Principal with 20 years experience in Education. Specialising in the mechanics of Reading he has developed a series of Programmes that have proven effective in resolving Dyslexics' reading issues.

the success

The programme participants quickly overcame their reading failure and gained self esteem and confidence.  Leading a normal life is the measure of these programmes' success.

"Rob and I were very sceptical about this programme.  Tyler had tried numerous others which hadn’t worked for him so we were loath to set him up for what potentially could be another failure.  It was Tyler’s decision to have a go with Noel and now he is over the moon!!!  Noel has given him the key that has opened the door to the rest of his life!"

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