James was diagnosed as Dyslexic very early and had tried many different programmes.  None of these succeeded and gradually his teachers disengaged.  He felt there was no hope and had all but given up.  After 10 sessions of the Anyone Can Read programme he passed his written driving test.  The videos below show how life changing this programme has been for James.

Tyler talks about his inability to read and understand.  In the second video this has all changed and he sees himself as a reader.

Willy is severely dyslexic and has undergone many programmes which have all failed.  The videos took place after 3 sessions and show the milestone of Willy engaged in reading for the first time.  At the time of the videos he had reached NCEA level 1 but was struggling to attain the required credits to pass.  10 sessions of the Anyone Can Read programme and he passed NCEA level with 86 credits, 20 of which were literacy.  

Eli had a long history of reading which was affecting his performance at school.  He required a reader/writer at school and this damaged his self esteem further.  Eli passed his written PADI diving course after just 6 one on one sessions with Noel McArthur.

Don talks about his life before he learnt to read.  Then he opens up about how his life has changed since learning to read with the programme.

Zane talks of his aggressive behaviour to mask his reading problems while at school.  After 2 sessions with the Anyone Can Read programme he discusses his success at reading.

Watch Jayden's transformation from a victimized insecure individual to a confident happy young man.

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